Physical and technical abilities are important aspects of sport performance, but skill in only these areas is not sufficient for consistent success at an elite level. All elite athletes are highly skilled both physically and technically. When competitors are closely matched on these aspects of performance, the mental aspect can play an important role in determining success. To perform successfully at an elite level, you must have a strong mental game.

From 2006 through 2015, Elite Performance Consultant and former West Point professor Dr. Eugenia M. Kolasinski helped elite performers (primarily bowlers, auto racers, and golfers) develop and strengthen the mental aspect of their sport performance. The Mental Game section of this website is an archive of her resources. Although focused on bowling, racing, and golf, most of the material applies to any sport or domain of human performance.

Dr. Kolasinski is not working with clients at this time, but she is available for speaking engagements.



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